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Brace for stabilisation and relief the pelvis and sacroiliac joint

The Lumbamed sacro is an orthosis for the stabilisation and stress relief of the pelvis and sacroiliac joints. It is used, among other things, during blocking or instability of the sacroiliac joints (SIJ) and SIJ syndrome. With its modular construction, it can be customised according to the onset of pain and degree of activity. The flexibly adjustable massage pads allow precision relief at points of pain. If the stabilisation and stress relief is sufficient with only the elastic comfort knit, this can be worn ideally, with the additional fastener, overnight. 


Product benefits

  • Pain relief via stabilisation and taking the load off the pelvis and sacroiliac joints

  • Precision relief at points of pain in the SIJ area via flexibly adjustable massage pads


How does it work?/Mode of action


Lumbamed sacro achieves compression and stabilisation of the pelvis and iliosacral joint via its compressive knitted fabric. The fastening straps enable the brace’s pressure to be adjusted to the individual’s requirements, relieve stress on affected structures and contribute to pain relief. The pads massage painful areas in the sacroiliac joint region and support the pressure distribution brought about by the fastening straps. The brace’s effects are most noticeable during movement of the body.


룸바메드 새크로

SKU: L007
  • Indications

    • sacroiliac joint disease (SIJ syndrome)
    • sacroiliac joint arthritis
    • sacroiliac joint instability
    • myalgia and tendinopathies in the pelvic region
    • pelvic girdle instability
    • structural impairment after spondylodesis on the lumbar spine (LWS)
    • recurrent sacroiliac joint blockage
    • recurrent myotendinopathies (rectus abdominis, piriformis)
    • symphysis diastasis and loosening
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