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E+motion are medi’s Performance Collection.

They combine functionality and design. With optimised new features, this still young collection is now going into the second round: Extra stable and flexible, it ensures perfect support under high stress conditions. People who are very active benefit particularly from this: Competitive athletes and recreational sport enthusiasts who place stress on their joints and their back, both at work and during leisure time.


E+motion are medical aids and lifestyle products at the same time; they combine medical effectiveness with exclusive features and a sporty look.


Knee support for compression of soft tissue

There can be many causes of pain in the knee: Injuries, strains caused by overloading or operations, mild arthrosis, arthritis or mild instabilities. The Genumedi E+motion knee support supports you by effectively alleviating these complaints. The integrated silicone quartz pad with a 3D profile creates a beneficial massage effect as you move. It also stimulates the circulation of the tissue. Working together with the compressive fabric, swelling and oedemas can be efficiently reduced and the healing process can be promoted. 
Alongside the tried and trusted medical effect, Genumedi E+motion scores extra points with its exclusive features in a sporty look. The breathable fabric made from active fibre and merino fibre support the thermo-regulation in both summer and winter, adapting perfectly to movement and also giving the joint extra stability for high stress during sport, at work or in everyday life. The quadruple silicon point coating ensures that the support always sits perfectly during all activities. The extra-large comfort zone in the bending region (hollow of the knee) is another new feature. It helps to prevent skin irritations and supports the wearing comfort.


Product benefits

  • Even firmer hold thanks to quadruple silicone point coating

  • Particularly high stability and even more freedom of movement at the same time

  • Relief of the kneecap thanks to the open border for the patella

  • Massage effect thanks to integrated silicone quartz pad with 3D profile

  • More freedom of movement thanks to extra large comfort zone

  • Optimal breathability thanks to active fibre

  • Improved thermo-regulation thanks to merino fibre

제뉴메디 이모션 2.0 와이드

  • In order to be fit again and fast, active exercise is essential. During physical activity, the E+motion bandages in medi’s award-winning sporty design offer stability and protection. They are made of high-elasticity active fibres and functional merino fibres: for more support and plenty freedom of movement. The high-tech material also creates a pleasant cooling on the skin: The capillaries transport the moisture from the skin to the surface of the bandage where it can evaporate. Performance made in Germany.


    The integrated silicone ring of the Genumedi reduces stress on the
    kneecap. Together with the compression of the knitted fabric, it causes
    a massage effect. This enhances perfusion of the joint and decreases
    swelling and effusion. Irritation and pain are alleviated. At the same
    time, muscular control and inherent stabilisation of the knee joint are
    Supports are most beneficial during physical activity. The support can
    in principle be worn throughout the day. This must depend on how
    comfortable the wearer is. Moreover, the knee may not be bent by
    more than 70° when sitting. The support should be removed for long
    breaks (e.g. long periods sitting, long drives or sleeping).
    If you suffer excessive pain or discomfort during wear, please take off
    the product immediately and contact your doctor or specialised shop.
    The support is suitable for use in water. After use, please rinse


    What happens during an injury?

    Injuries can lead to joint instability as well as to swelling and joint effusion or even irritative conditions. This throws the whole body off balance. With their compressive fabric, medi supports promote the healing process and ensure that users are soon back on their feet and moving around again. The proprioceptive effect stabilises and relieves stresses on the joint as well as easing pain.


    Massage effect

    The integrated silicone quartz pad exerts a soothing massage effect whenever you move. It also stimulates circulation to the tissues. This enables the body to reduce swelling and oedema more efficiently and boosts the healing process.

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